MAFF Play is the new digital platform for Malmö Arab Film Festival that will bring MAFF 2021 directly home to you. With a digital festival pass, you will get access to a packed 6-day festival program to enjoy in the comfort of your own home through MAFFs own specially designed streaming service, MAFF Play.

The program includes everything that is usually included in a film festival, from the opening ceremony at Rådhuset in Malmö, to conversations with filmmakers and a rich selection of 61 newly produced films from 27 different countries. The films can be seen at any time during the festival days (April 6-11), provided you live in Sweden. To gain access to the films via MAFF Play, either a festival pass (SEK 99) or a single ticket to a film (SEK 29) is required. In addition, a program consisting of 18 film talks with well-known Arabic filmmakers is included, where you get the chance to immerse yourself further in the films and interact with the filmmakers behind them. You will also have the opportunity to take part in activities during MAFF’s marketing forum, the MAFF Industry Days, this includes masterclasses, panel discussions, webinars, work-in-progress, screenings of new film projects and presentations. Holders of festival passes or MID accreditation will be able to see the opening and closing ceremonies in Malmö via Zoom, and will also be able to log in to MAFF Play to see recorded film talks and MID activities throughout the year.