MAFF Play Terms and Conditions

  1. Definition MAFF, the organisation and us refers to Malmö Arab Film Festival – MAFF. Compatible device refers to a device that is compatible with the platform, as described in these terms and conditions. User refers to a person who has taken part of the necessary information and has accepted the terms and conditions of the platform. User account refers to an account held by a user for the purpose of selecting and viewing platform content through the platform. Platform content refers to films and audio-visual material or other material available on the platform. Platform refers to the digital content of the platform provided by us (and/or by a third party service provider on our behalf) and includes all pages, information, material, text, graphic content and facilities on the platform.

  2. Approval of the terms and conditions These terms and conditions are the basis of what you accept when you use the organisation’s platform to select and to view films and other content. These terms and conditions represent a legally binding contract between you and the organisation. Through using the platform (which includes accessing the platform, creating a personal account, and/or selecting or viewing any of the content on the platform) you accept these terms and conditions and agree to abide by them. If you need more information or have inquiries about the platform, you may send an email to the following email address: We reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions.

  3. (3.1) Use of the platform The platform allows you to select and view content for personal use, in accordance with the terms and conditions, including the specific terms and conditions that apply to specific content. To select and view content, you must be at least 16 years of age, or have the approval of your legal guardian. The authorisation to select and view the content is only valid within the territory of Sweden. By accepting the terms and conditions, you accept to not use or attempt to use the platform outside of Swedish territory. We may use geo filters/geo-blocking technology in order to verify that you comply with these conditions, and to prevent use outside of this geographical territory. You are responsible for ensuring that all persons with access to the platform through your internet connection are informed about the terms and conditions and comply with them.

(3.2) Age restrictions In order to protect children from viewing films that may harm their well-being, we have placed age restrictions on the films. The films may have the following age ratings: “all ages”, 7 years, 11 years or 15 years. The films that are restricted to persons of at least 15 years of age are examined by the Swedish Media Council. The age requirement is indicated in the information section for each film. We are applying the rules for age ratings laid down by the Swedish Media Council, and we therefore apply the rule establishing that children under the age of 15 may view films with an age requirement of 15 years if they are accompanied by a person who is at least 18 years of age. A child under the age of 7 may view a film with an age requirement of 7 years in the company of an adult, and a film with an age requirement of 11 years may be viewed by a child 7 years of age or older in the company of an adult. If a film has been rated as appropriate for those of 15 years of age or older, it means that the film has been assessed as possibly causing harm to the well-being of children under the age of 15, not that it is appropriate for an 11-year-old child in the company of an adult. If the user is under 15 years of age, it is the responsibility of the child’s legal guardian to ensure the well-being of the child, and to respect age restrictions.

  1. Technical conditions You are responsible for carrying out the necessary preparatory measures in order to ensure access to the platform, including ensuring the necessary technical conditions for using the platform. The use of the platform requires a compatible device, certain software (additional charges may apply) and an internet connection. The use of the platform may be affected by these factors and their performance. The technical requirements may be subject to modifications. We will take the steps to notify you in case of modifications.

  2. Compatible devices and software Through accepting the terms and conditions, you accept that the platform may not be compatible with all devices, especially older devices, web browsers and/or operating systems. High speed internet connection is highly recommended.

  3. User account Some important details concerning your user account: • Never share your account information with anyone; • You are the sole responsible for protecting your account details and for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal account information, and for all activity that takes place on/through your personal account; • You accept to notify the organisation immediately if the security of your account has been compromised; • The organisation cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred by unauthorised use of the platform; • If you create and/or use an account in the name of someone else, you guarantee that you have that person’s permission to do so. You assume all responsibility for and consequences of any violations of the terms and conditions and other unauthorised activities. It is not permitted to attempt to gain access to another user’s account without the permission of that user; • You assume the responsibility for providing correct and complete information when creating your user account, and as a user of the platform, you assume the responsibility for ensuring that the information is updated, in order to keep it correct and complete. You accept that the data consumption is high when using the platform. You are the sole responsible for your data consumption and for possible additional fees for data consumption that may occur.

  4. Personal data protection We respect your integrity. Read more about our integrity policy and about how we treat your personal dataHere

  5. Service and availability We reserve the right to change or remove the platform and/or content on the platform at any point without notifying you. We cannot be held responsible if the platform and/or platform content is unavailable as a result of your own violations of the terms of conditions, or as a result of circumstances outside of our control.

  6. User terms of service You are only authorised to use and take part of the platform content in compliance with the terms and conditions. You may only use platform content for private and non-commercial use. Platform content may not be used for commercial or educational purposes, or in any other way not explicitly described in these terms and conditions. You commit to not in any way violate, circumvent, dismantle, decompile or in any other way modify the platform’s security technology and/or content, and to not modify, remove or alter any information concerning copyright on the platform or in the platform content, and to not attempt to do so, or to assist someone else in doing so. You may not use the platform in any way that is illegal, or that is in conflict with the terms and conditions. Your use of the platform may be monitored by the organisation or by a third party service provider for the purpose of countering breaches of the terms and conditions.

  7. Third party material Certain content on the platform may refer you to webpages or material that is not owned or controlled by the organisation. The organisation cannot be held responsible for the content of these pages or any other third party material that will be available through the platform.

  8. Copyright-protected material The platform and the platform’s content contains information and material owned by the organisation and/or other rights-holders, protected by immaterial law and laws pertaining to the copyright of artistic works. The organisation reserves all rights, as well as the rights of third parties, within the concerned geographical territories. You are not allowed to remove or to modify any information concerning copyright-protected materials available on the platform, or to assist another person in doing so. We take violations of immaterial law seriously. o You are only allowed to use platform content and related information and material while using the platform, in compliance with the terms and conditions, and never for another purpose such as downloading, uploading, copying, reproducing, broadcasting, publishing, altering, manipulating, renting out, lending, selling, distributing or creating any form of derivate of any part of the platform content. o You may not copy, reproduce, modify or manipulate any part of the platform and/or the platform’s content in any way. We reserve all rights, and the right to employ all tools that are available to us in order to prevent violations of laws pertaining to the protection of copyright material concerning our material, as well as the material of third party rights-holders and service providers, available on the platform. The organisation’s logo, graphic design and trademark are the property of the organisation. Other graphic design materials, such as images and logos visible on the platform, may be protected by their respective owners. You do not have the permission, the right or the license to use any of this material.

  9. Conclusion We may: • End the contract that has been established between you and the organisation, in accordance with the terms and conditions; • Suspend access to the platform (or any part of the platform) or to any part of the platform content without notification; We cannot be held responsible if the platform for any reason is not available at a given time. At times, we may limit the access to parts of the platform or the platform’s content. We reserve the right to suspend any user account at any time, if we assess that the account’s user is not complying with the terms and conditions. The user’s access to the platform may then be suspended at any time.

  10. Disclaimer You use the platform at your own risk. The organisation does not guarantee an uninterrupted or flawless user experience, and does not assume the responsibility for any losses that may be incurred in connection with the use of the platform, including but not limited to loss or corruption of data, malware, hacking, or other forms of attacks, or other security breaches that are outside the reasonable control of the organisation and third-party rights-holders and service providers, including but not limited to, the performance and functioning of your compatible device and internet connection.

  11. Additional remarks These terms and conditions comprise the totality of the agreement between you and the organisation regarding the use of the platform. In case any part of the terms and conditions should be invalid, the rest of the terms and conditions will still be valid. We do not assume responsibility for not fulfilling our obligations if it is due to circumstances out of our control. We may send you messages regarding the platform per email.

  12. Terms and conditions regarding the film supply (15.1) To access the platform, you must purchase a digital festival pass (99 SEK, of which 25% is VAT) or a ticket to one movie for (29 SEK, of which 25% is VAT) and be at least 16 years of age or have the approval of an adult, who is responsible for ensuring that you only view the material that you are authorised to take part of, in accordance with the section concerning age restrictions. (15.2) When you have purchased your digital festival pass, we will send you an email with the details of your purchase. Once the purchase has gone through, you will gain access to all films on the platform during the period between the 6th and the 11th of April 2021. (15.3) In case you would face any problems with the streaming of a specific title, kindly consult our customer support (contact information is available on MAFF’s official website), and our support team will do their best to assist you. (15.4) Viewing the films All films will be available on the platform for six days following the inauguration on the 6th of April at 6PM. The content and the platform are only available between the 6th and the 11th of April 2021. After this period, the films will no longer be available on the platform, Some of the films have a limited amount of streamings.